A cover I designed for the Cooper Group’s latest breakthrough. Modelled in plain Blender 2.79b. Post processing done in GIMP 2.8.18.

[raw high-res render] , [cover official link], [journal article]


Core–shell crystals of porous materials allow multiple functionalities to be used synergistically, for example choosing the core material for capacity, and the shell for selectivity, or surface properties. The few previous examples have all been based on frameworks, but in this Communication (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201803244), T. Hasell, A. I. Cooper et al. present the first report of core–shell crystals formed from porous molecules, in this case porous organic cages—which are directed by chiral recognition. Depicted are octahedral crystals with a fluorescent cage as the core, and a non‐fluorescent cage shell layer growing on the surface.