After many weekends and evenings of fixing little bugs, cleaning up the codebase, and polishing the build, I’ve finally managed to publish v1.0.0 of jobson.

I open-sourced jobson late November 2017. The version I demoed here was already close to release-grade in terms of implementation (the server had >200 tests, was used in prod, etc.). However, the deployment, installation, documentation, and maintenance needed work.

For the open-source release, I wanted to make sure that jobson was OSS-grade before putting a 1.0.0 badge on it. The main changes over the last year are:

I plan on patching 1.0.0 slightly with some little annoyances I spotted (immediately after deploying, of course), followed by another round of YouTube videos and other media. After that, it’s time to start slowly chipping away at 1.1.0.