Yay, I have a new job! I’m now an Open-Source Software Developer at TU Delft, where I’m going to be working on biomechanical simulation software.

Why do I mention this? Because I’m initially tasked with trying to make OpenSim faster, which is something that beautifully ties together a few of my loves (research software, systems development, and low-level perf optimizations) with a few of my hates (software written by researchers, C++, and diagnosing cache misses) and I’ve been wanting to learn+write about performance for a while.

With that in mind, I would like to write a few short blog posts on any interesting performance topics I come across while working on OpenSim. These posts are mostly for my own record, or (at best) as a way of articulating my work to other people on the project. I figured that, because this work is going to be open-source, there’s little downside to sharing my notes publicly.


While reading my perf posts, it’s important to keep in mind who’s writing this (me), what OpenSim is, and what you should probably already know (basic C/C++):

Ok, that’s the disclaimers sorted. Now to actually write some posts.